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Two Villages & Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft PE

Feel confident to start your survival life by many biomes. You can select the most suitable biome to enjoy your game. How to Play Two Villages & Blacksmiths Seed? Look at the behind spawn. There are a mushroom tree and many trees on your spawning island. After passing the spawn, you will come to the first village. Discover the …

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Call of Duty Pack [16×16] for Minecraft PE

Some textures are changed in Call of Duty Pack to make the game get the warlike appearance. At present, there are a few graphics changed such as the skeletons and the bow. More specifically, skeletons are as same as soldiers, and the bow plays a role as an M16. Hope that the pack will have new improvements in …

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Inverted Paranorma Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

A surprising feature of this map is that it turns all items into the opposite color. Does it sound crazy? However, it happens with Inverted Paranorma Texture Pack. Discover interesting things you can get when playing this map. Founded by: Cheete Notice: A small minus of the map is the problem in the grass’s side. Besides, you will …

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How to use seeds in Minecraft PE

The Minecraft PE world generator uses sets of letters and numbers called “seeds” to build the world that you play in. These random seeds are what create the random worlds, but entering a specific seed will allow you to explore the exact same world as anyone else who uses that same seed. You can find best Seeds for …

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How to install Minecraft PE Maps for Android

install minecraft pe maps for android

1. To install Minecraft PE maps for Android, you need ASTRO File Manager (or any other file manager). If you do not have it yet, download and install it now. It is free!!! 2. Find a map that you like. In MCPEbox.com we have tons of maps for you to enjoy which can be found right here. In this example, …

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How to install Minecraft PE Skins for iOS


0.11.0 has been released for Minecraft Pocket Edition quite some time ago. As a result, you can now customize your character’s look in game. Here is a guide on How to Install Minecraft PE Skins for iOS. 1. Find yourself a nice look for your character in the Skin section of MCPEbox. 2. Open Minecraft PE and tap on the settings …

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