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Find My Friends [Puzzle] [Minigame] Map

The total levels in this map are 10. Compared to Find The Button, Find My Friends game shares many similarities. The biggest difference is that you must seek for hidden friends instead of hidden buttons. There is a hidden friend at each level. Attempt to find him to move to the next level. Founded by: mcpedash How does …

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Power Rangers Morphin Missions (Mod Money) 1.4.0Mod APK

Power Rangers Mod

The description of Power Rangers Morphin Missions (Mod Money) Power Rangers! Listen up! Earth is in danger and only YOU can stop the evil space witch Rita Repulsa and her dastardly minions from carrying out her sinister plans and spreading chaos throughout Angel Grove! Take on the mantle of your favorite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger! Embark on dozens …

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Find The Button: Farm Edition [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

With 10 different theme levels of the farm, this map offers a great opportunity for those who love the life of farming. Each level of the game equips a hidden button, which requires you to press it quickly after finding out. If you find it hard to play this game, you should check out the hint book. Feel …

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Minecraft Bedrock UI Enhancements Pack for Minecraft PE

It is easy to find some similar elements and features of Minecraft: Console Edition in this pack. These features could be listed here, including a friendly user interface, a raised Hotbar, and controller tooltips. You can use this pack for the newest Minecraft beta. How does Minecraft Bedrock UI Enhancements Pack work? Read the instructions on the map …

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SG Cloudy Warfare (CoD in MCPE) [Minigame] [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for the newest creation of the SkyGames team, you should pay attention to this map. It comes with different modes like Team Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal, etc. Invite other friends to participate in the map or choose LAN parties to play. Founded by: SkyGames Team, including jobetyk, DJTMGaming, Luma, InNova, Assassiner003, FHMiner, deadmanplaysMC Different Modes …

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NationsPE Shaders Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This pack is an ideal option for improving the realism and the graphics in a game. Key items are improved in this game are the surface of water, lighting, and shadowing. In addition to the feeling of blocks, it also improves the better realism. Founded by: DeKiller762 How to Install NationsPE Shaders Texture Pack You need to download …

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Yay Toast PE [32×32] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This is an excellent recommendation for people who love the super cuteness and joyfulness. The game also makes impressive by abundant colors, which attracts the players at the first time. With these reasons above, it’s worth discovering this pack for many good reasons. Let’s play this game now. How to Play Yay Toast PE [32×32] Texture Pack There …

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The IT Clown Addon for Minecraft PE

The main character in this addon is Pennywise, who has been known as an antagonist of Stephen King. With many horror scenes, this game is a perfect choice for Halloween! Founded by: JPlaysPE How does The IT Clown Addon work? The ingredients for spawning Pennywise are a pumpkin and 4 iron blocks. Don’t let the redesigned pumpkin texture …

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