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 BlockGears [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Do you love the car? Do you want to join a race? Then, you should enjoy BlockGears [Minigame] Map that provides a good chance to drive different vehicles.  Top 3 types of vehicles to enjoy are a Formula One car, a dirt bike, and a Ferrari 458. Encourage your friends to start playing the map now. It promises to make you feel happy in many aspects.

Founded by: MegaStriker

Besides, Gona is in charge of vehicle addons.

How Does BlockGears [Minigame] Map Work?

Once you stand on the pressure plates, you can choose a suitable race track for yourself. At present, there are 3 options of tracks. Hope that it will have more options in the future.

Your task is setting up vehicle add-ons, which should be done before stepping on the tracks. Keep reading and find necessary links in the next parts.

Mega City (Formula One Car Addon required): This car allows 4 players to sit with the biggest track and fast speed.

The track is outstanding thanks to many beautiful structures, trees, and buildings. This billboard below is a great option to discover.

Downhill (Dirt Bikes Addon required): Try to overcome many obstacles in this dirt track because it will affect the performance of your dirt bikes.

Retro Race (Ferrari 458 Italia Addon required): A Ferrari 458 Italia is the main character in this track. Driving this car inspires the feeling of Super Mario Kart.


How to Install BlockGears [Minigame] Map

Notice: There are 3 race tracks to discover. Each of them needs the specific activation. Avoid using all the addons at once to reduce lag.

Download .McWorld

Ferrari 458 Italia Addon

Formula One Addon

Dirt Bikes Addon

Download .ZIP