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Block Indicators Mod for Minecraft PE

You love your game but don’t know the IDs for blocks? Then, Block Indicators Mod is a right place for you to visit. Once you choose a block, you should long tap it and receive the ID. Are you ready to explore different IDs of certain blocks? Here we go.

Founded by: ExtremeG

How to Play Block Indicators Mod

Make a long tap on the block and you can open the IDs of the items and other data. There is no need of accessing the website. Knowing the item IDs is possible even you are a beginner.

Holding a block needs the support of some in-game text commands.

Your task is typing the command /give <INSERT USERNAME> log 1 2, then you can get a certain block ID.

In this example, I choose to get the IDs of several birch wood logs. The number 2 will tell you the special data type for this birch wood.

Notice: This map is only compatible for Android users.