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Blaze Boss Addon for Minecraft PE

Blaze Boss addon describes the conversion from the Blaze to a seriously dangerous boss. Remember to wear necessary gears because the Blaze can make players and mobs to be stayed as well. The Blaze of this game is more powerful than the ordinary Blaze.

Founded by: MinoBanana

How to Play Blaze Boss Addon

It seems that defeating the Blaze Boss is challengeable. Although this boss is weaker than the Wither Boss or the Ender Dragon, it comes with more health than the ordinary mobs. As the replacement of the common Blaze mob, the Blaze boss in this addon has two spawning ways. The first method is spawning naturally in the Nether and the second one is using a spawn egg. Besides, it has 350 hearts in health.

Be careful with the fire released when you come closely to it.

After stopping the fire, it will charge firing fire. After a short time, it stops this action immediately before recreating the fire.

How to Install Blaze Boss Addon

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Enable the pack for discovering a full world in game

Download a .Zip file for this game here.

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