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Birds Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

You sure to surprise about Birds Mod.It was created QuintonMostert.Your space in Minecraft PE will completely change.Especially in the sky will appear many flying objects.

This mod is not only about birds but also for other things.Birds Mod adds fifteen birds to the game, include Eagle, Parrot, Crow, Flamingos, Ostriches, Phoenix.Not all birds can fly, but some of them can which definitely adds a lot of realism.To craft them, you must spawn it by using Too Many Items mod to get eggs.You can kill birds to give special rewards.And some things in them can be used to craft the Magical Feather armor set.Please look at it before hunting.

Item IDs and Crafting Recipes:

  • Robin Spawn Egg (488)
  • Penguin Spawn Egg (489)
  • Peacock Spawn Egg (490)
  • Crow Spawn Egg (491)
  • Seagull Spawn Egg (492)
  • Owl Spawn Egg (493)
  • Toucan Spawn Egg (494)
  • Parrot Spawn Egg (495)
  • Phoenix Spawn Egg (496)
  • Eagle Spawn Egg (497)
  • Robo Cluck Spawn Egg (498)
  • Duck Spawn Egg (499)
  • Ostrich Spawn Egg (500)
  • Flamingo Spawn Egg (501)
  • Magic Feather Helmet (502) – 5 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Chestplate (503) – 8 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Leggings (504) – 7 magic feathers
  • Magic Feather Boots (505) – 4 magic feathers
  • Big Bird Meat (506)
  • Magic Feather (507) – dropped by birds
  • Fire Feather (508) – dropped by Phoenix birds
  • Big Bird Meat Booked (509)
  • Fire Sword (510) – 2 fire feathers + 1 stick
Birds Mod
Birds Mod
Birds Mod
Birds Mod
Birds Mod
Birds Mod



Birds Mod


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