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Biome Chooser Addon (Minecon18) (Concept!)

This addon has seen the appearance of 3 Minecraft biomes, including savannahs, taigas, and deserts. Other impressive features are Ostriches, Meerkats, bushes and trees.
Founded by: StarkTMA

How to Play Biome Chooser Addon

Desert Biome
• Don’t spawn Meerkats in other biomes, except for deserts.
• New trees are the replacement of the Shulker.you can use their egg for creating particular trees. It is easy to find these trees in deserts.

Taiga Biome
• Foxes are the replacement of Wolves. You can find them in Taiga biomes.
• Grow Berry Bush in 10 minutes to collect edible berries.
• Summon a Zombie Villager to set up a warm campfire here.

Savannah Biome
• Ostriches are the replacement of Chickens.
• Baobabs are the trees with big sizes.
• Termites look like spiders but with smaller sizes.

How to Install Biome Chooser Addon

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for discovering a world
• Enjoy the world
Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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