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 Big Venom City [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Big Venom City has been known as a big city with many special places to discover. They could be listed here, including an army base, an airport, and a suburb. Because this city is in the progress of completing, it promises to have new improvements in the future.

Founded by: TrungVietNam

How to Play Big Venom City [Creation] Map

Some structures have been completed in this map.

This is a beautiful suburb you can find out in the city.

There is a large highway leading to Big Venom City. At this time, the city only follows one direction. However, it will be expanded in the future.

Feel wonderful to explore various buildings in the city’s center. Some buildings have headquarters, a hospital, and a CIA.

An airport is necessary for landing the airplane and jumbo jets.

Besides, the city concentrates many skyscrapers, office buildings, and shops.


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