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Minecraft PE Seed: Big Burger – Gold seed

You got a gold seed. Yes, the title of this seed is said a part of this seed. After spawn, just digging straight down form there and you will got some gold, iron and coal. Moreover, in the sunface you got mountains, cave and shallow cave also some waterfall and lava flow can be found.
The spawn is close a huge waterfall. Don’t forget mark the spawn by an block to comeback after checking the terrain.You will find another mine by diging straight down at the right of the surface. The mine contain lots of coal and ton of gold blocks. Have an sign, to find an diamonds but we has found 4 diamonds. Keep start carving bedrock maybe you can find them. The best things in the surface is an huge waterfall with an large cave inside.




Seeds : Big Burger Work in PE ver0.8.1

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