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Minecraft PE Seed: bezerker – Mountains & Waterfall

An most beautiful spawn we have seen. The spawn is at the foot of high cliff mountains with multiple waterfall nearby.

Let’s explore it. Go ahead an see the surrounding area you will see several waterfall, most of them huge, also can be seen is extreme hills with unnatural overhang, cliff caves and lava flow out of the mountains and waterfall.



Turn back to the spawn point, instead go toward to extreme hills biome, if you turn back at the
opposite direction you will see the desert biome.


At the desert biome have a small desert village, and it have a blacksmith with a chest. Also it have
lots of farm. Moreover, we did mine straight under spawn but just find only coal. So if you find
any other ores please leave a comment below!



Seeds : bezerker Work in PE ver0.9.0+

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