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BeatBox (Drum & Bass) [Redstone] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

BeatBox (Drum & Bass) [Redstone] Map is a large map, it includes 128 different blocks, namely it is a support redstone beatboxing map.

The song is available to be installed throughout the map, before entering the room beatboxing make sure you have carefully read the instructions and the author’s note. We have given you a specific instructional video so we would not allowed to explain further, any questions you have in the video, if you have any other comments please leave a message message, we will review and respond as soon as possible. The author provides a track on this map with the aim of creating more attraction to the game, its quality is not very well by those who created it do not specialize in music and not have the necessary be best to perform this music.



Author:  FlamingLead



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