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Basalt and Flintstone Pack (1.9 Only)

In this pack, Flintstone and basalt are the replacement of mossy cobblestone and stone bricks. This is the reason why you can find walls, slabs, and stairs in Flintstone and basalt. There is no need of replacing old blocks, new blocks are added in the pack. It is easy to find out these blocks in survival.
Founded by: Codysaur2004
You can make use of cobblestone and vines to craft Flintstone.
Besides, you can use stone bricks and vines to craft basalt.


This game should be used for a new world, not older builds. Moreover, it works best with 1.7 versions and 1.9 versions.

How to Install Basalt and Flintstone Pack (1.9 Only)

Download Resources .McPack
• Access Minecraft
• Choose Settings > Global Resources > Enjoy the pack

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