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Banners Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Banners Mod is an interesting mod which is about banners.They are in 3D and look like similar than national flag of some country in real life.

This mod adds twenty-one banners to the game.They have the only feature that are decorated or help you remember about national flag of my country and another country.You can stretch them around your house or use them to mark territory.Or can spread them into a horizontal row for the convenience of watching them.Until now, only the most populous countries are implementing banner.In the next update, will certainly be more different banners.You must use Too Many Items mod to have them.

Banners Mod
Banners Mod

Banner IDs:

  • Germany Banner (382)
  • Indonesia Banner (384)
  • Korea Banner (385)
  • Malaysia Banner (386)
  • Mexico Banner (387)
  • Philippines Banner (389)
  • Russian Banner (390)
  • Saudi Arabia Banner (394)
  • Spain Banner (395)
  • Thailand Banner (396)
  • Argentina (375)
  • Australia Banner (376)
  • Brazil Banner (377)
  • Canada Banner (378)
  • Chile Banner (379)
  • Colombia Banner (380)
  • France Banner (381)
  • Banner (374)
  • Turkey Banner (397)
  • U.K. Banner (399)
  • U.S. Banner (401)

Author: Juan Zavala


Banners Mod

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