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BakeCraftPE Mod for Minecraft PE

I will continue to introduce to you a mod which is about edible items.It is BakeCraftPE Mod.This mod was based on a mod in MCPC.With this mod, you will have to add a skill to create the cake.BakeCraftPE Mod Adds Dough,Breads,Baking Utensils and more food and items.For example Pizza, Apple Pie, Bread Dough, Pizza Dough, Apple Pie Dough, Kababayan Dough, Heart Shape Bread, Heart Shape Dough, Cutter Pizza, Cutter Apple Pie, Chocolate Bar, Cake Dough.New items:Knife, Wheat Pounder, Dried Cocoa, Ketchup, Circle Molder, Heart Shape Molder, Dough, Flour.


Crafting Recipes:

  • Apple Pie Dough-9 Dough 1 Apple
  • Knife-1 Stick 2 Iron
  • Kababayan Dough-7 Dough
  • Heart Shape Molder-4 Iron
  • Flour-1 Pounde 1 Wheat
  • Cake Dough-8 Dough 1 Circle Molder
  • Bread Dough-6 Dough 3 Sugar
  • Dough-8 Flour 1 Glass Bottle
  • Pizza Dough-4 Dough 1 Raw Porkchop
  • Sliced Pizza-1 Pizza 1 Knife
  • Circle Molder-8 Iron
  • Chocolate Bar-8 Dried Cocoa 1 glass Bottle
  • Sliced Apple Pie-1 Apple Pie 1 Knife

Author:Jimbo Acob


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