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Baby Mobs Mod for Minecraft PE


Welcome to the world of babies with Baby Mobs Mod. As its name suggests, the mod turns all mobs into babies, which means there is no adult mob here. You can pick the eggs from the creative inventory. The work similarly as the common spawns eggs.

Founded by: Dogfrosted

How to play Baby Mobs Mod

If you are in the creative mode, you can get the baby spawn eggs from the inventory. Another option is the survival mode. It allows you to spawn the babies by using the X-Commands Mod. Check out the list of ID items in the next parts of our page.

The followings are typical examples of some spawned  baby mobs.

Be careful! Many baby zombies are approaching closely to you.

List of spawn eggs

  • Baby Mule (ID is 1000)
  • Baby Horse (ID is 1001)
  • Baby Donkey (ID is 1002)
  • Baby Zombie Horse (ID is 1003)
  • Baby Squid (ID is 1004)
  • Skeleton Horse (ID is 1005)
  • Baby Sheep (ID is 1006)
  • Baby Brown Rabbit (ID is 1007)
  • Baby Mooshroom (ID is 1008)
  • Baby Chicken (ID is 1009)
  • Baby Zombie Pigman (ID is 1010)
  • Baby Pig (ID is 1011)
  • Baby Cow (ID is 1012)
  • Baby Zombie (ID is 1013)
  • Baby Villager (ID is 1014)
  • Baby Wolf (ID is 1015)
  • Baby Ocelot (ID is 1016)

How to install Baby Mobs Mod

Follow our guidance below to enjoy the full version of this mod.


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