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Attack Robot – Colossus [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

Colossus has been known as a powerful machine that equips dispensers, missiles, and explosives. The game gets the inspiration from Cubehamster. Therefore, it has the ability to wipe many surroundings. Explore this interesting map now.

Founded by: DaSchmitt/BobTheCreeper

Designer of TNT Cannon: Samnrad

How to Play Attack Robot – Colossus [Redstone] Map

Let the robot move by making use of steel and a flint mounted in the observer block. Apply the block in the robot’s center.

Next, place an obsidian block above the horizontal bar. This bar is designed by the sticky piston that helps you operate the robot. Once the machine stops, it is easy to quit the obsidian.

With 2 legs, Colossus can release arrows and TNT blocks.

This machine is effective in shooting missiles. Type the “Cockpit #2”, which appears on the platform. Next, stand on the platform and you no longer see the weapons cockpit. Once the machine stops, it is possible to use the missiles.

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