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Armor Stand Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE


As an official feature in the PC version for Minecraft, this mod only accepts Minecraft Pocket Edition users. By adding one new thing to this game, the mod has the great capability of spawning the armor stand entity. It is evident that Armor Stand Mod (Android) is a good method to keep your armor. It helps you avoid forgetting the armor when using chests.

Founded by: MrElectric

How does Armor Stand Mod (Android) work?

It is your responsibility to find out the armor stand from your creative inventory. There is no difficulty in recognizing this item. It has the same appearance as a pressure plate. Try to place the item as close to the ground as possible. This helps ensure the item will perform perfectly.

One fact is that the item will spawn empty in most of its time. Adding each item to the stand is so easy by tapping on the armor items correctly with the armor stand.

It is very helpful for displaying different types of armor. Even you use mixed armor, the armor stand will show it clearly.

To make the game funnier, you can add more players and zombies to an armor stand. Then, open the menu by using an empty hand to tap on it.

Notice: You need to use BlockLauncher for activating this game. It is considered as a third-party app for Minecraft PE. Let’s enjoy Armor Stand Mod (Android) now.



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