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Armor staining in 0.14.0

Armor staining is being added to Minecraft PE! You’ll be able to stain your armor using dye thanks to the Armor staining in 0.14.0. Unlike in the PC, where the staining would typically take place in the crafting table, it will take place in the Anvil in the Pocket Edition. A PC crafting system may come in a future version.

Armor staining in 0.14.0

What is armor?

Armor is an item that was introduced in Update 0.6.0. Armor is used to reduce damage taken when worn. Armor provides Defense Points. Each Armor Icon is worth 2 Defense Points.

The highest amount of defense points available are 20, which can only be gained by wearing full Diamond Armor.

Armor types

From the strongest to the weakest – the order is as follows:

  • Diamond Armor (10 Armor Points)
  • Iron Armor (8.5 Armor Points)
  • Chainmail Armor (6 Armor Points)
  • Gold Armor (5 Armor Points) Although, Gold Armor and tools are known to have bad durability
  • Leather Armor (3.5 Armor Points)

Chainmail can be obtained in Chests (in Jungle temples, Abandoned mineshafts, in villages, Desert temples) or dropped by Mobs wearing armor.

Armor crafting

To craft any variant of armor, a certain amount of pieces/ingots of the material are required. (Leather, Iron, Gold, or Diamond)

  • Helmet = 5 ingots/pieces
  • Chestplate = 8 ingots/pieces
  • Leggings = 7 ingots/pieces
  • Boots = 4 ingots/pieces


Armor can protect the player from-

  • Lava/Fire Damage
  • Damage from Mobs
  • Fall Damage
  • Explosion damage
  • Projectile Damage
  • Damage from other players
  • Cactus thorn damage
  • Getting struck by lightning

Armor cannot protect the player from:

  • Hunger
  • The Void
  • Constant fire damage
  • Drowning
  • Harmful Status Effects (i.e. Poison)
  • Suffocation

Interesting facts about Armor

  • Chainmail is the only Armor which cannot be crafted in PE. (except by using hacks or mods) The only legit way to obtain it is drop it from mobs.
  • Leather Armor is the only armor that can be dyed, thanks to the new Armor staining in 0.14.0
  • An Iron Helmet and a Chainmail Helmet have the same armor status.
  • Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, and Skeletons can carry armor. They will drop it upon being defeated.
  • When placed in a dispenser and the dispenser is given a Redstone signal, if in range, the armor will be placed on the player automatically.
  • In Update 0.14.0 mobs wearing enchanted Armor appeared to have their Armor colored purple.
    • This does not apply to the player.

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