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Archery Challenges – Minigame Map for Minecraft PE

This map is consisted of five Archery Challenges in which you have to use a bow and arrow to shoot at some certain buttons to open a door which leads to the next level. The buttons are placed on redstone lamps which are attached to a mob head. Aim for the buttons, not the heads.

The idea of this map is to prepare you for the real Minecraft world where monsters are everywhere and being able to properly use a bow and arrow is a skill that you teach to toddlers. It is the survival world out there, man. Kill or be killed!

How to play?

At the beginning of the map there is a chest. In there are a bow and loads and loads of arrows. Take some of them and then exit the house to enter the first level.

The objective throughout the map is to kill all monsters by shooting arrows at their buttons to open the iron door to advance to the next level.

archery challenges archery challenges

Download link for the Archery Challenges Minigame

All credit goes to jimbo_acob


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