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Animal Trade Add-on (Only 1.0.4) for Minecraft PE

If you want to have an abundant source of food without killing other animals, you should enjoy Animal Trade Add-on. This addon creates a close relationship between humans and animals. Therefore, trading with animals is possible with Animal Trade Add-on.

Founded by: Wartave

How to Play Animal Trade Add-on

Similar to villagers, trading with animals is a simple task. All you need to do is keeping some important items for trading. They may be carrots, wheat, etc. Emeralds are unnecessary.


  • It accepts carrots
  • Trade with it some raw porkchop


  • It accepts wheat
  • Trade it with raw beef


  • It accepts most of the seeds
  • Trade it with raw chicken


  • It accept wheat
  • Trade it with colored wool

You can use raw beef in your inventory for trading.

How to Install Animal Trade Add-on

Notice: You need to activate the 1.0.4 beta version to play the game. If you are Android users, feel free to sign up here.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Enable the pack for discovering a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon here.