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Ancient Creatures Addon for Minecraft PE

Have a great adventure to the ancient world with the Ancient Creatures Addon. The new mobs in this addon replace the old ones with the higher danger. Some creatures you haven’t known before include flying skulls, ancient cobras, and Pharaohs. Let’s explore the game now.

Founded by: TheEnderface

List of The New Mobs

Anubis (Creeper): It has the ability of shooting bursts of fireball projectiles in seconds. Fireball projectiles are in both small and size.

Ancient Cobra (Spider): This mob can create a poisonous effect, 4 attack damages, and 4 hearts in health in 2 seconds.

Big Cobra (Cave Spider): It can cause a dangerous effect and serious damage in 10 seconds with 125 hearts in health.

Pharaoh (Stray): With 50 hearts in health, this mob summon an Ancient Cobra. The mob will become an Ancient Cobra when it dies.

Hound Eye (Ghast): This mob can release shulker bullets when they touch each other.

Flying Skull (Vex): In comparison with a Vex, Flying Skull comes with the slightly bigger size. In addition to 6 attack damages, it can cause a blindness effect within 10 seconds.

Term Crystal (Blaze): It helps protect players from dangerous entities. Besides, it can attack 3D Projectile.

How to Install Ancient Creatures Addon

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Enable the packs for discovering a world in-game

Other options

Download .McAddon

Download .ZIP

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