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Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only)

You have a chance to see an impressive retile in the world. This is alligators. It is difficult to identify caimans and crocodiles.
Founded by: HawfHuman

How to Play Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only)

Be careful with the alligators because they can attack you. This type of retile works fast in the water but slow on land. Therefore, avoid swimming if you see them crawl there.
The popular environment of the alligator is in the water. They will bite their target immediately.

Main Features

• You can find them in many swamp biomes
• Custom animations and sounds
• 2 colors
• 3 sizes
• The attacking levels include 8, 14, 20
• The health changes from 20, 30, 45
• The number of leathers they can drop is from 1 to 5

How to Install Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only)

Download Resources .McPack
Download Behaviors .McPack
• Use the packs for enjoying a world
• Access the world
Download a .ZIP file for this game here.