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Alien Escape! [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

The number of players in this game should be 2 to 5. They will be divided into 2 teams. The first one is the Alien, and the rest ones are the Humans. In this map, the Humans are captured in an alien spaceship. They try to exit by turning off 5 power generators. With a variety of plans, the Alien must defeat the Humans to escape.

Founded by: Fizzman797

How does Alien Escape! [Minigame] Map work?

There are two roles that players can select, including humans and evil aliens.

  • Humans: After standing on pressure plates, you can turn on 5 generators to exit and escape.
  • Alien: Its responsibility is killing all humans.

Main rules

  • The number of players should be 2 and 5
  • Set the easy level
  • Remember to get the loot from your chests. Loot of the Alien is in the egg’s limitation, and loot of the Humans is in the area of lab

Key features


  • Slowing Ammo: It gives the Blaster ammunition
  • Blaster: It makes the alien slow by offering single shot gun
  • Hide: By making a right click on the ground, you will be invisible for a while
  • Knife: It is used to defeat the alien thanks to this Melee weapon
  • Barrier: It makes use of barriers to make the Alien get involved in its tracks


  • It has a powerful tail
  • Claws: This is a standard melee weapon
  • Acid Spit: Once you make a right click on the ground, you can release acid for a while. Acid is the reason causing being poisoned in Humans

Video Review

Look at the video below to know all details of the map.

How to Install Alien Escape! [Minigame] Map