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Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

Your world will become more beautiful thanks to the appearance of various homepoints. Moving to your homepoints is so easy by making use of different commands. Besides, additional commands help you easily install your world spawn.

Founded by: AleXoTroN

How to Play Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod

Check out different commands available in this mod. Type /ah help to enter the list first.

  • /ah help: It shows all of the mod commands
  • /ah setspawn: Add the spawning of world to your place
  • /ah sh [name]: Add a homepoint to your place
  • /ah h [name]: You can move to your homepoint easily
  • /ah tutorial It means text tutorial for the mod

After setting different spawnpoints in your world, you could move to these points easily.

How to Install Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod

Download the newest version of Block launcher first.

Download .ModPKG

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