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Minecraft PE seed : Aldea Plox – Survival Island

In this seed you spawn in the small island far out in the ocean. Don’t try to find mainland or other nearby island because the distance of this island to them is so far. Because this island is typr of survival island then the resources of this island is very scarce with three tree, part of grass and some block of sands. If you find the part of the island have a huge cave it will lead you to some diamonds. Follow the guide below and you will find the diamonds.
Overview of the island
The huge open cave

After you entrance to the cave, follow the path until reach to the end of the cave, dig from the left side of wall and you will fall down to the cave system in the images below. Make sure you are follow the guild because this cave system quite complex, maybe you can be lost.

This is entrance of the cave


Follow the arrow until you see the first diamond close the waterfall. Don’t forget place the torches to marked the way back.


Follow the path and at the end of this cave system is lots of gold ores.


For more information and details of the path, please watch video below:

Seeds : Aldea Plox  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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