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Aimbot Mod for Minecraft PE

The Aimbot Mod for Minecraft PE help players have a perfect aim which is very useful for fighting monsters. A nice point to say about this mod is that the view angle is automatically put at the closest mob. In addition, players easily use GUI to toggle between the different mobs in your surroundings which brings interesting feeling to the battle.

How does Aimbot Mod for Minecraft PE work?

Before starting this mod, you must ensure that  the top button on the right says ON. If it says off, you simply tap on it to turn on aimbot.

Aimbot Mod for Minecraft PE

Besides, there are five different buttons here. You must understand them to know how they work. Because they are written by Japanese, you can see their meaning below:

  • Button 1: On / Off
  • Button 2: Previous mob
  • Button 3: Next mob
  • Button 4: Auto search mob
  • Button 5: Stop aimbot

A text will be displayed next to the mob. It shows how many mobs are in the area, the name of the locked on mob (in Japanese), health and the mob distance.


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