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The Aether PE – Creation Map for Minecraft PE

So how to you understand the Aether? It does not look anything like the thing from Thor: The Dark World, I can assure you that. It is not something that exist in the default game of Minecraft, not yet anyway. With the Aether PE Map, the Aether is the opposite to the Nether. So basically, this is Minecraft heaven. The map has a build-in portal which takes you to the place known as the Aether.

How to go to the Aether?

Just to address the elephant in the room, this dimension is not a real thing, according to Mojang. It is just a map which resemblance what the Aether should look like and brings a good feeling to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Once you have spawned you will find yourself in a small house deep within a forest. Exit the house to find the portal that leads to the Aether. When you are ready, walk through the portal!

If you have played some kind of mod which add the Aether to Minecraft for PC then you should find many similarities in the Minecraft Pocket Edition world. The trees’ leaves are yellow and the grass has a blue toned color.

aether PEaether PEaether PE

There are some villagers of the world which can be found on the other side of the floating island.

Download link for the Aether PE Creation Map

All credit goes to Victor Gameplays




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