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Advanced KitPvP Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Advanced KitPvP Mod is a nice and unique mod in Minecraft PE.It was created by _Sin0psysS_ and it is the tools.

Advanced KitPvP Mod was based on a mod in Minecraft PC and was inspired PvP servers.This mod adds over  20 different kits.And you need to look for them.They used to become a better fighter in all kinds of different terrains and battles.


/help (gives you basic instructions of the mod)
/kits (gives you a full list of the available kits)
/kit [kit name] (gives you the kit of choice)
/kit none (sets you back to normal)

Complement: /mlg mode [on/off] (enable/disable auto MLG water mode)


  • Kangaroo (massive jump boost)
  • Burrower (create a safe room made out of bricks instantly)
  • Launcher (sponges launching you to the air when walked on)
  • Jumper (gives you 16 enderpearls)
  • Grandpa (gives you a stick, massive knockbacks when used on mobs)
  • Vampire (possibility to get ½ heart of life when hitting a mob)
  • Flash (teleport to any place you looking at)
  • Phantom (ability to fly)
  • Whisp (5 whisp power items, when used gives you four copies of yourself which will confuse enemies)
  • Lumberjack (destroy every block up and down when using your lumberjack axe)
  • Barbarian (gives you a wooden sword which will level up as you kill enemies)
  • Scorch (fire will appear behind you when using scorch powder, enemies behind you will be set on fire)
  • Spiderman (throw spiderman snowballs at blocks and when hitting enemies cobwebs will catch them)
  • Thor (launch lightnings at where you are pointing at using your Thor’s hammer)
  • Checkpoint (places a checkpoint, click the “Back to checkpoint” to get back to it)
  • Turtle (gives you 20 health back when in the sneak mode, can’t attack enemies during this time)
  • Frosty (4 seconds of speed boost, retrieve snowballs without shovel, throw your snowball and snow will appear where it hits)
  • Reaper (hit items with a reaping hook to poison them for a couple of seconds)
  • Hulk (click any mob to throw them where you are looking at)
Advanced KitPvP
Advanced KitPvP



Advanced KitPvP

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