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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Plushies! Add-on (1.8+ Only)

You can make use of this addon to decorate your world effectively thanks to 80 plushies. It is easy to recognize aggressive mobs, players and content creators. Founded by: CodanRaigen21 How to Play Plushies! Add-on (1.8+ Only) With different plushies, your world will become more beautiful. It gets the inspiration from content creators and various mobs of Minecraft. …

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Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only)

You have a chance to see an impressive retile in the world. This is alligators. It is difficult to identify caimans and crocodiles. Founded by: HawfHuman How to Play Alligator Add-on (1.9 Only) Be careful with the alligators because they can attack you. This type of retile works fast in the water but slow on land. Therefore, avoid …

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Barrel Block Function Addon (Concept)

The main characters in this addon are barrel blocks. Each barrel holds fish, milk, and water. Opening and closing the barrel is possible. Instead of storing the liquid in chests, you can keep it in the firm barrel. Founded by: Reza112 How to Play Barrel Block Function Addon You can open or close the barrel by holding a …

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AnimaCraft Addon (1.9+ Only)

You love animals and want to know some new ones in Minecraft? Then, this game is a great solution. At present, there are 3 new added animals. However, this number will increase gradually. This addon is a good way to add new items to your Minecraft. It is suitable for those who want to enjoy above version 1.9 …

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Christmas Heads Costumes Add-on

If you are looking for 6 new heads, this game is a good option. By wearing your lovely Christmas costumes, you can celebrate your holiday in your way. You can enjoy your Christmas by looking at elves, snowman, elves, etc. Founded by: mikkeeeyyyy How to Play Christmas Heads Costumes Add-on Christmas Heads Costumes replace mob skulls and mob …

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Useful Nether Quartz Add-On

It is so simple to start playing this addon. There is no need for assets or a resource counter-part for the game. All you need to do is using some light tweaks. If you have any question related to this game, please leave your comment in the box below. Founded by: NightwalkerLots Major Changes • Phantom: It releases …

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Winter Wonderland Addon

Christmas is coming soon with the eager atmosphere. If you want to decorate your world on your own, you can pick up different items and things for decoration in this game. They could be listed here, including Christmas elves, lights, trees, toys, and Santa Claus. Some utilities here are a fireplace, candles, chairs and cars, Sleigh and Reindeer. …

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Time Bomb Addon

Have you ever heard the function of TNT timer or time bomb? Once the timer finishes, it causes the explosion of TNT bombs. Enable the bomb by making use of Redstone or defusing it. With the retextured shulker, it guarantees to bring many surprises to the players. Founded by: TheCommanderCreeper How to Play Time Bomb Addon Remember to …

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