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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE 1.1.3, 1.2 iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Robot Wither Add-on for Minecraft PE

You will no longer see the wither boss in this addon. It is turned into an evil super robot that has super power to rescue the hell all over the world. Each robot has unique behaviors; however, you can try your best to kill them. In this addon, the robot not only has upgraded textures but also remains …

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More Splash Texts Add-on for Minecraft PE

Once you open Minecraft PE, you will see splash texts existing next to the logo on the user interface. This addon has more than 310 distinct texts. More specifically, it comes with 100+ more of text in comparison with common Pocket Edition. The biggest difference between old texts and new ones is color. Old texts are yellow in …

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Solid Entities Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon requires you to create the collision of different entities in the game. It is really a funny game to enjoy. All you need to do is placing players and mobs on the top of each other. Have you ever imaged the collision between cows and pigs? Let’s try this game. Founded by: Xu Jiaxin How does …

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Better Fishin’ Addon for Minecraft PE

If you like fishing, you will find it great to enjoy Better Fishin’ Addon. This addon makes fishing become a simple task by increasing the chance to catch many various items. Additional things in this game contain iron armor items and diamond. Try your best to catch these rare items. Founded by: Krish12003 How does Better Fishin’ Addon …

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HardCore Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE

You will find it hard to kill all of the hostile mobs in HardCore Mobs Addon. The characteristic of these mobs is that they are much stronger and faster. This is the reason why they can cause serious damages. Founded by: ZachMC Main Changes You had better try to escape from the creeper. It is considered as the …

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Reasonable Villager Add-on for Minecraft PE

There is a new type of villager appearing in this add-on, which has the name of Reasonable Villager. Compared to other villagers, a reasonable villager is more generous. He often exchanges emeralds, diamonds, and foods to wood and dirt planks. If you want to own some foods and other valuable items, you should make an exchange with the …

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FNAF Pets Addon for Minecraft PE

FNAF Addon stands for Five Night at Freddy. You will find it unchallengeable to tame them or defeat the Ennard animatronic boss. Keep in mind that the animatronics are the great companion with the ability to protect you. Founded by: Cheete How to Play FNAF Pets Addon As a replacement of the villagers, the animatronics spawn in villages. …

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Camel Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for a good method to carry your blocks and items, you should put Camel Addon in your first consideration. A camel is very useful in helping you carry your items due to many inside spaces. It often spawns in the Minecraft world, which increases its popularity and the ability to be tamed. Founded by: …

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