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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Animonsters Addon for Minecraft PE

It is surprising that Animonsters Addon has the capability of turning several friendly mobs of Minecraft into dangerous killers. For people who love the challengeable game, this addon is a right option. It turns chickens, pigs and cows into the powerful and hostile mobs. Founded by: Sirconol How does Animonsters Addon work? Although most of mobs have the …

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Mod Factions Addon for Minecraft PE

The main function of this addon is turning different mobs of Minecraft to their right battle, depending on their faction. One of the best tools that support you well is the creeper. It plays an important role in helping you defeat other hostile mobs in an effective way. Founded by: Sirconol The New World Order of Mod Factions …

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Tiny Player Addon for Minecraft PE

When it comes to playing this addon, it minimizes the size of the player as an ant. The unique feature of this addon is walking through passages that have been impossible before. However, a drawback of the Tiny Player Addon for Minecraft PE is its point of view. Strongly hope that it will be updated in the future …

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Entity 303 Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon is founded by a member of the Minecraft community, which comes with the purpose of making other players scared. For more details, I will tell you the history of the creepypasta. The creepypasta of this addon is believed to be a fired employee, Mojang. He is trying to defeat the Minecraft players. Now, do you know …

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Mine-Wagon Add-on for Minecraft PE

Are you on an adventure but wanting an extra storage container? You can meet your requirements at Mine-Wagon Add-on Mods for Minecraft PE. This addon looks similarly like a backpack. However, you will need a leash to pull the chest on a wagon. A small minus of the addon is it may replace the creeper. Found by: MicoLets …

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Sheeptastic! Addon for Minecraft PE

This add-on is an ideal option for making your sheep more powerful. It has many applications in combining with a lovely pet or a riding mount. Besides, it offers a great opportunity for you to defeat a big sheep by summoning the Black Sheep. Creator: Falkenvergh How does it work? Mount: All you need to do is throwing a splash …

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Modern Tools Add-on for Minecraft PE

With this add-on, you can enjoy 6 new modern tools beside ‘’ shulker mob’’. Each tool has its specific function. For instance, you can use to browse MineBay, cook your raw food items in an instant on a kitchen stove and also decorate your worlds when essential. Creator: Kiritocris55 How does it work? First you have to have …

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My Wolf Add-on for Minecraft PE

Do you want to strengthen the power of your wolf? Do you hope to offer more supportive tools for your wolf to survive? Let’s pay attention to this addon. The addon not only comes with a great number of standard features for an attractive game but also several updates in the future. Creator: Falkenvergh How can You Upgrade …

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