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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Jukebox Addon (Concept) (Only!) for Minecraft PE

Have you ever heard about the function of jukebox? As the main block of PC version, the jukebox is responsible for running music discs. In this addon, some items have been changed by music discs and a jukebox. They are very useful in helping you express 12 songs of the Minecraft PC version. Hope that it will become …

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Animal Trade Add-on (Only 1.0.4) for Minecraft PE

If you want to have an abundant source of food without killing other animals, you should enjoy Animal Trade Add-on. This addon creates a close relationship between humans and animals. Therefore, trading with animals is possible with Animal Trade Add-on. Founded by: Wartave How to Play Animal Trade Add-on Similar to villagers, trading with animals is a simple …

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No Griefers for Realms Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for a good way to deal with griefers, you should pay attention to No Griefers for Realms Addon. The addon is a useful method to protect your creations in a Realms server. One fact is that griefers can get the support from the disable wither to destroy your creations. The addon is founded by …

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All Quiet Entities Addon for Minecraft PE

With this addon, taking great screenshots of mobs becomes much easier than ever before. One fact is that mobs always move and it is hard to take their photograph. Let’s solve this problem with All Quiet Entities Addon. Founded by: Alecreator How to Play All Quiet Entities Addon This addon limits the walking ability of all mobs. The …

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Giant Snow Gorilla Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon spawns a big gorilla to replace a mob, which makes the game more interesting. When riding it, you can enjoy a surprisingly fast vehicle. This helps you move quickly in a long distance. Let the mob move by riding it. Although there are still some bugs, it works effectively without lagging. Founded by: ThePvPGuyFTW How to …

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Wooden Plane Addon for Minecraft PE

You will find the airplane of this addon useful for transporting items and traveling in long distances. Collecting different items is possible through 2 ways. The first way is picking items from your inventory and the second one is from the airplane’s inventory. Founded by: Gona How to Play Wooden Plane Addon As the replacement of the chickens, …

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Spaceship Addon for Minecraft PE

The way this addon works is similar to the War Plane and the Black Hawk. A new feature of the game is a spaceship, which brings the feeling of space travel. Moreover, as the replacement of the iron armor, a space suit is an important gear for your travel. Founded by: JPlaysPE How to Play Spaceship Addon In …

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The Vampires Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon makes impressive by the ability to add new items and mobs. Be careful with three hostile vampires of the game because they are very dangerous. A good method to protect you is going out in daylight. Founded by: ZachMC How to Play The Vampires Addon Check out the collection of different mobs and their power. List …

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