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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Endcreased Addon (1.8+)

This addon allows the addition of 9 new mobs. Founded by: ForgeLogical Key Features What is special about Endruid? This mob can produce Fangs and Vexs. Besides, it is considered as the Evoker’s End version. Besides, the Endereye has the same behaviors as a ghast. It can attack you by shooting fireballs. The Shulk is very aggressive, and …

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X-Men Addon

Have you ever dreamed of living in a Marvel universe or becoming X-Men? Then, this addon is for you. It includes a group of superheroes that fight for better things. Founded by: MrMinechest Features Each entity has specific features. Most of them are strong enough to help the X-men. CyclopsWolverineColossusProfessor XDeadpoolJean GreyPsylockeQuicksilverNightcrawlerJubileeGambitMagnetoMystiqueSabertoothJuggernaut How to Install X-Men Addon Download …

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Home Script ( Only) Addon

Are you not good in finding the way to come back? Or you refer an efficient and simple method to return your home? Then, this script is for you. The script comes with a friendly user interface, which allows you to set 5 home locations quickly. Founded by: CamXibs How to Play Home Script ( Only) Addon All …

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Guard Villager Add-on

Guard Villager is a new entity whose task is protecting the villagers from the attack of other enemies. Some aggressive enemies are a zombie, spider and other mobs. Founded by: InfiniteGames How to Play Guard Villager Add-on You can find the Guard Villager during the day. Another way to spawn the Guard Villager is making use of the …

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BetterDeath Script / Addon (

If a player dies, there are some changes in the death animation. You can see the existence of an angel flies in the sky. There is no difficulty in seeing the rise of an angel if a player dies. Founded by: MisteFr Credit: Enely How to Play BetterDeath Script / Addon ( When the players die, their angels …

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Innumerous Blocks Addon (1.8+)

What are the new features in this addon? They include more than 70 new Minecraft building blocks for decorating your building or your home. Other useful items are colored bricks, bookshelves, and planks. Getting these blocks is unchallengeable thanks to the support of 5 villagers. Founded by: ForgeLogical The responsibility of the Carpenter Villager is trading you the …

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GraveStone Script / Addon (

If a player dies at his position, there is a gravestone appearing. When attacking the gravestone, you can get as many types of loot as possible of the player. This map is designed for multiplayer or roleplay when you participate in different PvPs. Founded by: MisteFr Credit: Enely (Thanks for her contribution to the animation and the model) …

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Health/Damage/Identifier Reader (Script) ( Add-on

This addon is designed for version of Minecraft. Each mob has text indicators showing health and damage on its head. It is a new feature in the Bedrock Edition for Minecraft. Founded by: Drag0nD Credits: abc55 How to Play Health/Damage/Identifier Reader (Script) ( Add-on An entity comes with different statistics such as name, attack damage, and health. …

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