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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Cow Plus Addon (1.8+ Only)

A new feature of this addon is the appearance of 7 cows that come with a variety of features. Some cows could be found naturally in biomes, whereas, the others are the result of mating among different cows. The spawn rate of each cow is different, which decides its rarity. Founded by: Ignacidark44, Alex587 How to Play Cow …

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Dragon Egg Stand Addon

In this game, you have a chance to use stands to show your achievements. At present, the stands are useful for the Dragon Egg; however, it will update new features in the future. Founded by: In Nova How does Dragon Egg Stand Addon work? Your first task is spawning the stand.Then, place the Dragon Egg on the stand …

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Billey’s Mobs Add-on (1.8+)

This game introduces 6 new mobs to your Minecraft world, which change from the mobs on land to sea creatures. Some of them could be listed here, including Swordfish, Angler Fish, Skeleton Cat, etc. Founded by: billeyzambie Angler Fish It has 11.5 hearts in health and can poison within 30 seconds. You can find angler fish in the …

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Domestic Addon

This game is so fun that allows you to tame many aggressive mobs. Thanks to this addon, you have the ability to create a group of monsters to protect you from other enemies. Founded by: Team Infinite Minds How to Play Domestic Addon Feed hostile mobs some items to tame them. After that, they will follow and protect …

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Wither Rose Addon

Can you imagine how Bedrock Edition look like with the addition of Java’s Wither Rose? Compared to the Wither Roses of Java, this game shares some differences. If you step into the Wither roses, they will create the Wither effect. Founded by: NetherNinja How to Play Wither Rose Addon You can find Wither Roses in the Nether. However, …

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ZooCraft Addon

Are you fed up with the old mobs in Minecraft? Then, this game is a good option. The zoo includes an abundant source of animals from the normal animals to the special ones such as elephants, bears, welters, or even monsters. It is a great suggestion for those who want to set up a zoo. Founded by: JEBR_Gaming …

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Subterranean Vehicle Addon

The main item in this addon is a subterranean vehicle that gets the inspiration from a Tokyo Disney SEA. The maximum of player to drive this car is one. Moreover, it encourages you to move around quickly and easily. Founded by: Vernian LEMO – TDR build How to Play Subterranean Vehicle Addon Two ways to spawn the vehicle …

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Essential Functions Addon

Setting up some new things is a simple task in this game. All you need to do is making use of various text commands to create a variety of structures including farms and huts. Founded by: Keyyard How to Play Essential Functions Addon Firstly, type the /function command to create a structure. Besides, use the command /function help …

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