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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Vanilla Backpacks Addon (1.9+ Only)

Backpacks allow you to wear easily during your adventure. They are considered as a mobile chest that helps you hold your items and blocks. Use them to pick necessary items for your travel. Besides, taking off the backpacks is a simple task. Founded by: ArkreZamy, Professor Magnum, Nogard How to Play Vanilla Backpacks Addon You could make use …

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McDonalds Addon

This addon has seen the combination of old resources and new resources. If you are a fan of McDonalds, this game is a good simulation. Founded by: TheCommanderCreeper Key features • Retextured items, entities and blocks are skeletons, foods, paintings, villagers, strays, creepers, etc. • Yellow and red chairs replace strays and skeletons • Tray replaces witches that …

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Quad Bike (All Terrain Vehicle) Add-on

In this game, the quad bike is the replacement of the common spider. You can ride this bike on different terrains such as snow biomes and forests. Another gorgeous feature of the addon is the great sounds. It is obvious that Quad bike is a good method of transporting in Minecraft. Founded by: MrMinechest How to Play Quad …

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Outdoor Escape Add-on (

Let’s start your camping with fireflies, campfires, tents, etc. With the appearance of the bonfire, the game equips a new cooking system that makes your trip interesting. Founded by: CodanRaigen21 Tents There are 6 types of tents for you to choose from. Make a long press to change the color of your tent, including Silver, Yellow, Blue, Green, …

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Architect Addon (1.8+ Only)

This addon plays an important role in setting up surprising things. With fabulous features, you can build up your castle within a short time. Use one command and discover detailed descriptions of each building. Founded by: In Nova How to Play Architect Addon (1.8+ Only) After setting up the behavior pack, you should use these commands below. • …

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WorldEdit Add-on (1.8+ Only)

Compared to the WorldEdit mod, this game has some limitations. However, it includes many outstanding features to boost your building. For instance, 11 commands play an important role in helping you filling the water and building a mineshaft. Founded by: the-hex List of Commands • /function level-100 • /function clear-100 • /function mine • /function drain • /function …

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Working Boombox Add-on ( Only)

There are 4 interesting songs in this addon that are free. This makes you relax when trying to deal with the fierce game battle. Founded by: EzPizelPE How to Play Working Boombox Add-on The button in this game allows you to enjoy up to 4 songs. Choose the stop button to stop the song if you want. As …

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Komodo Dragon Add-on (1.8+ Only)

What do you know about Komodo Dragons? They have been known as huge lizards that appear in Minecraft world. Normally, Komodo Dragons won’t cause any damage to the players. However, be careful when they are aggressive because they will attack you because of being attacked. Founded by: ArathNidoGamer How to Play Komodo Dragon Add-on The place where you …

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