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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Carnage add-on (1.8.0+ / beta

What are special about this addon? It has above 100 entities and 200 crazy mobs. Other new features of the game include the equipment of 4 weapons and 11 bosses. It is the fierce battle, and you have to try your best to survive. Lists of New Items Battles of Boss HivaleVained-timeGoblin championMoth motherGrimstone golemBlitzirMaximum dragonDragon-heartedFate master Mobs …

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Philippine National Railway Addon

As the replacement of the Minecraft cart coming with KiHa 350 and Series 203, this addon promises to bring many surprises to you. There are 4 available trains in the addon, which come in blue and white color. What do you know about the Philippine National Railway? Its line spreads in many areas from Tutuban province to Calamba. …

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More Monsters (Mobs) Add-on

The world in this game becomes so scary with lots of monsters. For example, you have a chance to see faster adult zombies and skeletons that can release fireballs. Key Features Check out the list of various mobs in this add-on: Fast husk, fast zombie, and even fast drownedSkeleton can shoot firebombSkeleton can shoot the dark bombSkeleton summons …

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Simple Series: SkyBlock Addon

Simple Series add-on comes with many interesting things and command functions. The first creation is Simple Trolls, and this series is the second one. It offers all you need for playing skyblock. Discover the chest to find out necessary items. Firstly, make sure that you type the settings correctly, including Gamemode Creative and Flat World. After that, apply …

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MeduCreeper Addon

As the replacement of a Creeper, the MeduCreeper could be found underwater and land. It has the strength of releasing fireballs to players. Founded by: PikachuRaton, Team Infinite Minds How to Play MeduCreeper Addon What are special about the MeduCreeper? It works similarly to a squid that can shoot fireballs quickly no matter where it lives. It is …

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Butterfly Addon

Do you love beautiful butterflies? Then, this addon is a great choice. It could be found in many biomes, including jungles, forests and more. You will find these butterflies lifelike thanks to custom animations and fun elements. Founded by: S-Mods How to Play Butterfly Addon The places where you find butterflies are jungles, forests, etc. Each butterfly has …

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Trophies Stand (1.8+) Addon

Stands can be used as a great way of representing your achievement. The stand plays an important role in supporting many trophies. Remember to use some decorations in your world. Founded by: In Nova How does Trophies Stand (1.8+) Addon work? Access the world settings and activate experimental modePurchase the stand from the villagers or use a spawn …

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Campfire Concept Add-on

This game adds a new entity to Minecraft, which is Campfire. It plays the same functions as the fireplace with many gorgeous features. You can make use of these functions to advance the fire. Founded by: Santigamer836 How to Play Campfire Concept Add-on Use the combination between the steel and a flint to make the campfire turn on. …

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