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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Evil Night Add-on for Minecraft PE

For those who are looking for a Halloween holiday, this add-on is an ideal option. With 12 mobs, it creates a scary atmosphere. Feel confident to start the game now. Founded by: GentaMCPE List of Scary Mobs The game comes with hostile mobs, which have dangerous behaviors. Try to kill these mobs to get some candy. How to …

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Take Screenshot Button Add-on for Minecraft PE

Realms Clubs have been known as small communities in Minecraft. Realms players are able to contact and share screenshots. Look at the Pause menu. It has a small icon of a camera. A big plus of the game is that it is designed for all players, which allows you to take screenshots. Founded by: MCPA Team How to …

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Jimbo’s Christmas Weapons Add-on for Minecraft PE

You have a chance to see many Christmas themed weapons in this game. One of the most impressive weapons for Christmas is Santa’s Sleigh vehicle. It is an outstanding option in your treasure of weapons. Founded by: Jimbo_Acob What is Santa’s Sleigh? As the replacement of the snow golem, Santa’s Sleigh can be used to move around. Before …

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Butterflies Add-on for Minecraft PE

As the replacement of bats, the butterflies are so cute and lovely. They are the perfect addition to your worlds, which changes the way of decoration with demon-like bats. Founded by: Vladu11 How to Play Butterflies Add-on Butterflies have been known as the replacement of bats. It is easy to see them in caves. Another common way is …

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2 Player Horse Riding Addon for Minecraft PE

  In this addon, 2 players will ride a horse. It is quite challengeable to find horses and saddles in the game. Therefore, you will find it hard to ride a horse. However, feel free to enjoy the big pleasure from 2 players. Founded by: troco40 How to Play 2 Player Horse Riding Addon The first player will …

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Mine-Bombs Addon for Minecraft PE

Enjoy all gorgeous features of TNT blocks in this addon. The game makes impressive by the ability to throw TNT blocks. Besides, the cannon is proud of shooting explosive bombs at the target. Founded by: MicoLets_MC Key Features As the replacement of Mine-Bombs, Experience Bottles promise to make you happy in many aspects. You can throw this bomb …

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Snowgrunt Addon for Minecraft PE

Snowgrunt is a dangerous and powerful snowman. It comes with stronger attack styles and greater health. Besides, it also offers redesigned textures and model. Be careful with many dangerous monsters in Snow biomes. Founded by: TheEnderface How to Play Snowgrunt Addon This is a rare mob in the snow biome. The way a Snowgrunt spawns is similar to …

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Turtles Addon (Concept) for Minecraft PE

Belonging to the popular ocean mob, the turtles are a great improvement of Minecraft. One fact is that turtles spawn on most of the biomes’ shorelines. This addon may be changed to the last design. Founded by: StarkTMA How to Play Turtles Addon As the replacement of cave spiders and spiders, turtles spawn in dark areas. Turtles live …

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