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Addons for Minecraft PE

Best Addons for Minecraft PE iOS & Android. Quickly and easily edit the way Minecraft worlds look and behave. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Alien Creeper Addon for Minecraft PE

You can find another version of the creeper in this addon. It is called the Alien Creeper, which comes with two antennas, purple color, and 4 legs. It is believed to come from Creeptus planet. The Alien Creeper is stronger than the normal ones; however, it is friendly towards other players. Founded by: Cheete How to Play Alien …

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Armored Ocelot Add-on for Minecraft PE

Do you know the benefits of the ocelot in Minecraft? Once it spawns, it will wear a full set of armor. You should tame the ocelot to improve the armor and ride it. It also protects you from any danger. If you are a cat lover, this game is an ideal option. Founded by: Jujustyle7 How to Play …

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Leash+ Addon for Minecraft PE

This game allows you to leash many mobs by making use of the lead. It works great on both passive and aggressive mobs. You can use this addon to set up a farm of mob or move mobs to different places. Founded by: hiccupsf How to Play Leash+ Addon The following is the list of mobs that you …

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Mob Disguiser Addon for Minecraft PE

With this addon, you have the ability to disguise effectively that your friends will find it hard to recognize you. Without several vanilla Minecraft functions, it performs well in most of the survival worlds. Choose the third-person mode to get a wonderful experience. Founded by: solvedDev How to Play Mob Disguiser Addon? Make a right click on the …

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CartographerPlus Addon for Minecraft PE

The Cartographer Villagers have a great opportunity to get new trades, which allow them to buy 4 Explorer Maps. This type of map helps you decide some special Minecraft structures such as temples and mineshafts. Feel confident to decide your locations effectively. Founded by: hiccupsf How to Play CartographerPlus Addon? Who is the Cartographer? He has been known …

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RPG HUD Resource Pack for Minecraft PE

There is a new head-up display (HUD) added in this game to make it more interesting. The status bars of the game include armor, hunger, health, and bubbles for breathing. Find your coordination under the HUD. Founded by: DualRed How to Play RPG HUD Resource Pack An RPG replaces status bars of the game effectively. It is a …

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Village Locator Add-on for Minecraft PE

This addon is a great option for players who want to enjoy the survival mode. You can trade important items with a cartographer villager to obtain necessary food. It also offers a safe shelter to live in the village. You can get the clearest directions to the nearest village of your area. Founded by: HomelikeMedal35 How to Play …

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Pumpkin Maniac Addon for Minecraft PE

Two mobs of the game will be replaced by a pumpkin. It looks like a boss with the powerful strength and is hostile to other mobs. With the well-made design, it brings the fun and pleasure to players. The pumpkin is really an interesting boss to enjoy. Founded by: TheEnderface Type of Bosses Pumpkin Monster (It is the …

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