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Abandoned Project [Survival] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

In Abandoned Project [Survival] Map, you wake up in a place you do not know where they are … You feel it very familiar but you can not remember you’ve been here or not?

You decided to go explore this place, go around to learn anything from the creatures to the work around here. You see a small house located deep in the jungle, it looks very deserted and scary but you still decided to go inside it.You knock on the door before coming in the door, you hear the noise inside, but very shortly afterwards the newly opened door and in front of your interest is an old man. After chatting you know he named BEN, a person living in this forest so long ago. From here your journey began, searching for his daughter was missing BEN 2 years. That is your mission, to save that girl is also save your wife.



Author: GhostXCraft



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