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Minecraft PE seed : -933674705 – Mineshaft Under Island

This seed is type of survival island seed. You spawn in an island alone in the ocean. But don’t worry, survival in this island isn’t difficult. In this island you have tree, flat grass biome that mean the animal can be spawn. Moreover, in the center of the island have a little hole, dig straight down from there and you will drop to the mineshaft. But instead of the mineshaft maybe you drop to an cave system then make sure you drop to the mineshaft. If you drop to the cave system, come back and find other way because in the cave system haven’t nothing special. In the mineshaft you will find some diamonds, the first diamond very easy to found it lying on the entrance of mineshaft. To find other diamonds, you need take little time to explore this mineshaft. Good Luck!!





Seeds : -933674705  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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