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Minecraft PE Seed: 920847948 – Temples

You spawn close three different temples, actually is very very close them. After spawn in front of you is one of three temples.

And just few minutes you will got lost of gold and iron, in detail is you will find 58 gold and iron. Get out of the temples you also can find a normall size village and two witch huts.

Now we will guild you to get all the resources. Find the treasures by destroy the colored blocks in the center of the temples, you will fall down there. Watch out, avoid the presure plate it can be a deadly trap. In the temple, total can be found 4 chests.

  • 19 bones
  • 18 iron ingots
  • 19 gold ingots
  • 33 rotten flesh


Two other temples will be found be return to the spawn. But you must walk in the opposite with the first temple.



In front of the temples, as you can see in the images below is a becautiful river. Just follow to left of the river an soon you will see the normal size village.



Continue straight ahead and you will find the first witch hut.




Follow the path in the swamp biome and the second witch hut.



Seeds : 920847948 Work in PE ver0.14.0+

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