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9 Hopper Uses | Redstone Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

Are you messing around with redstones but running out of ideas? Below are 9 hopper uses for you to bounce ideas from. Hoppers can be used to drop items into or out of chests. There are lots of uses for them if you really think outside the box. Here are 9 hopper uses.

All credit goes to AgentCPU0

Item Sorting System

9 Hopper Uses

Place the items which you have collected in the top chest floating in the air. This system can sort out the following items: gold ingot, diamond, iron ingot, quartz or emerald.

Egg Farm

9 Hopper Uses

This is a fully automatically operated egg farm. Place a bunch of chickens inside dropping eggs once in a while. Underneath the structure there are a bunch of hoppers which take the dropped eggs and put them into the chest.

Key Card Lock

9 Hopper Uses

Place the red card in the dropper and then press the button on the right of the machine to open the door. Any of the other cards won’t work, so that’s basically the key card.

After you have passed the door you can take back the key card from the dropper.

Item Collector

9 Hopper Uses

Press the button on the right to drop some items on the track. Then press the button on the left to make the minecart move and pick up all the dropped items and automatically place them in the chest.

Auto Furnace

9 Hopper Uses

On each chest of the machine there’s a sign with information which information to put in each chest. How it supposed to work is, you put something into it, the thing goes into the furnace and gets cooked. But right now it doesn’t work.

Hopper Clock

9 Hopper Uses

Press the stone button on the side of the dropper to activate the clock. The lamps will start turning on and off. Currently there seems to be no way of turning the machine off.

Pulse Lever

9 Hopper Uses

Use the lever inside the stone structure to activate or deactivate the water elevator.

Gambling Machine

9 Hopper Uses

Take some emeralds from the chest and then go to the right side of the machine. Place an emerald in the dropper and then press the button to test your luck. Only emeralds are accepted, and you might make a profit with this.

Minecart Emptier

9 Hopper Uses

Place a minecart chest in the beginning of the track and then fill it with some items. Press the button to make it move forward. Once it passes over the dropper it will empty all its contents into the dropper which will transport the things into the chest.

So those are 9 hopper uses. Try making some of your own.


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