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8 Diamonds Nearby Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is in a taiga biome. There is a small lake in front of the spawning place. Then, turn left and walk ahead for a while. When you find a large cave, walk diagonally. It will lead you to the diamond cave.

Once you are in the cave, you should turn left first.

After that, turn left as in the following picture.

Go down and walk along the lava’s direction.

It is easy to recognize the sound of some spiders around you. Destroy cobblestone to discover the dungeon.

Enter the chest to find out important items:

  • 1 bucket
  • 2 wheats
  • 2 bread loaves
  • 3 iron ingots

Close the dungeon after you get all-important items. It prevents the spiders from attacking you. Turn back to the place where you walk along the lava.

Now you will come to a big open cave, which is scattered by many diamonds.

Seed: ocean floor