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Minecraft PE Seed: -729102268 – Amazing Temple

Desert temple alway bring to us lots of good items, most of them is gold. In this seed you will find an amazing temple has generated in a river.

river. To take all items in the temple, you need go to center of the center and destroy all colored blocks (orange and blue). But don’t drop down, also avoid the pressure plate has been set lots of TNT traps.


And finally, your reward:

  • 8 gold ingots
  • 4 iron ingots
  • 7 bones
  • 14 rotten flesh


Back to the spawn, in the spawn you will start with many different biomes: savanna, flat landscape, desert, forest. After take all the items in the temple, lets choose the next place you will explore.


Seeds : -729102268 Work in PE ver0.14.0+

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