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6 Diamonds & A Village Seed for Minecraft PE

There is a lava pool on your left side when you spawn. Move on the left side and come across the lava pool. It’s time for you to find a village here.

Although the village is quite small and lacks of blacksmith, it still attracts players because of diamonds.

Spend a short time to dig the well.

Then, you will see a cave system. A signal for walking properly is seeing the lava flowing from one wall.

Look at the picture below and follow its direction.

Go down the tunnel until you find some redstone and lava.

After walking down to the lava pool, keep an eye on your right to find a diamond.

Your responsibility is making the lava empty. It’s so simple by placing down block. It helps you collect 6 diamonds.

In addition to diamonds, you can find coal and redstone here.

Seed: KFC