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5 Activator Rails Uses | Redstone Map for MCPE 0.15.0

Figuring out new ideas on how to use these redstone thingies is one of the main goal of Minecraft. Sometimes you just can’t figure out anything else on your own, and you need some sort of catalyst to pop ideas out of you. So here are 5 activator rails uses that might do just that. Some of these creations include a clever mob grinder, an entrance to the Nether, and an elevator. If you have any other cool uses of redstones, feel free to let me know at the comment section below!

All credit goes to JoshVs

Mob Grinder: Make sure to set difficulty to max in order to allow the zombies to spawn in-game. The dropped items will be channeled into the chests hidden underneath the structure.

5 activator rails uses

Secret Cart Entrance: To be honest, I don’t really know what the use of this redstone creation is, so if you find out be sure to let us know in the comments!

5 activator rails uses

Mining Area Lava Trap: Trick players to use the minecart to get down into a mine. The lava will drop over their heads whenever they enter the mine and by then it will be too late and they will be trapped in a an evident death trap. The trap can only be used on players. It will not work for mobs.

5 activator rails uses

Nether Entrance: Have a seat on the minecart and press the button to go to the Nether.

5 activator rails uses

Elevator: Ride the minecart and press the button in the elevator to get to the next floor.

5 activator rails uses

And those are cool 5 Activator Rails Uses. If you have any more cool ways to set up redstone creations, let me know at the comment section below. I would love to share your creation with the world if you are up for that kind of thing.


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