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5 Activator Rails Uses [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE


If you are wondering how to use redstone, this map is a great option. This map will focus on describing 5 uses for minecarts and rails. The creations could be listed here, including a smart mob grinder, a Nether entrance, and an elevator. Leave your comments if you find any machine with the ability of using activator rails.

Founded by: JoshVs

How does 5 Activator Rails Uses [Redstone] Map work?

Elevator: While riding the minecart, you should choose the button to move to the next floor.

Nether Entrance: Once getting a seat on the minecart, you can come to the Nether.

Mining Area Lava Trap: Thanks to the minecart, players can dig down a mine. After entering the mine, players will have to deal with the flowing lava. Be careful with traps because they will attack players, not mobs.

Secret Cart Entrance: Leave your comments if you know the function of this redstone.

Mob Grinder: Remember to choose max level of difficulty to spawn the zombies. Discover the hidden chests to find some dropped items.





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