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3D Animator Studio [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

There is no need of going to the cinema; you can enjoy a preset 3D animation right at home with this amazing map. In comparison with other 3D movies, 3D animator studio map is more impressive. Although the map is simple, it looks cool in different angles.  With about 10 seconds of lasting, it promises to make you feel relax in your pleasure time.

Founded by: RylandPlayzYT

How does 3D Animator Studio [Redstone] Map work?

There is no difficulty in using this map. All you need to do is pressing the starting button for enjoying the game. Besides, it allows you to move around the animation and look through the glass during the game.

This map tells you the story about the process of building a house by Steve.

Look at the following images. You will see there are lots of squares, which present for animation scenes.

Therefore, creating your animation is possible without any challenge. Another big plus is that you can rebuild your animation within the limitation of the square template.



Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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