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Minecraft PE Seed: 3602383 – abandoned mineshaft

Spawn in an island, don’t worry this seed isn’t an survival seeds because close the island is mainland. The distance from the island to the mainland about 100-200 blocks. At the spawn dig straight down, and after awhile you will fall to an abandoned mineshaft. Explore around the mineshaft lots of ores can be found.
Back to the sunface, at the mainland the first thing you will find is an roofed forest biome, so you can using them for tools or torches. But to reach to the mainland you must swim to there. Doesn’t other way. Close the forest some massive mushrooms can be found. Then the plan is: Swim to the mainland then get some wood and supplies then back to the island an fall to the mineshaft to the the ores. Have fun!!.





Seeds : 3602383 Work in PE ver0.9.0+

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