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Minecraft PE seed : 3424 – Huge Village

In this seed you spawn in edge forest biome in front of that forest is a desert. Behind of the spawn is a large mountain, from the spawn if you want get to the main section of this seed you need turn left, and soon you will see some house of the village. After reach to the village you will suprise with the size of the village it so huge, look like a city inside the forest. More awesome in this seed have two blacksmiths with lots of good items for beginer like: ink sacs and an apple, iron pickaxe, gold ingots… Moreover if you want to an adventure starting in this village store food, tool and explore the surrounding area with savannah biome, forest biome and lot of open cave with gold and diamonds inside. Have nice adventure!!!





Seeds : 3424 Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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