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Extreme Wool Race Game [Minigame] Map

This map is not only simple, but also fun. Invite your friends to participate in this game, in which the number of players should be 2 to 4. The responsibility of players is finding out 10 chests to get wool color. Then, put wool in the empty blocks. Try to be the first one to complete this task. It means you are the winner.

Founded by: Kidsource

How does Extreme Wool Race Game [Minigame] Map work?

There is no challenge in playing this map. You should read the instruction carefully before starting the game.  Remember to select your favorite color and use it to fill your path. The first player who completes this task is the winner.

3 main game modes should be listed here, including easy, board game and difficult.

How to Install Extreme Wool Race Game [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld (Dropbox)

Download .McWorld (MediaFire)

Download .ZIP (Mediafire)

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