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Minecraft PE seed : -192827 – Triple Village

Spawn near a triple village but it has specially it situated in four different biomes: plains, desert, mesa and savannah. The village have something look very weird and oddly generated structures like a house has been generated in the other and a balcony. You can extreme variety of biomes in the image below. On the left of the village is mesa biome, desert and plains and savannah. Moreover you can see double house with a balcony with small cute pool and a blacksmith with following items: apples, saddle, iron helmet, iron boots… Don’t forget loot items in there, it very good for your future adventure.


Four different biomes
Overview of the triple village.
Double house with a balcony and small pool
Seeds : -192827 Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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