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Minecraft PE Seed: -1918593966 – Huge Mountains in a Savannah Biome

The things get the most attention of this seed is a huge mountains located in a savannah biome. From the spawn come to there you just need walk straight ahead. It actually is a really huge extreme mountains with unnatural overhangs, also you can see a nice valleys with beautiful river flow through it.

If you using the creative mode first and flying and see this seed on birdview easy to realize across this seed have lots of cave and dungeon. We try to explore some cave and dungeon, most of them have lots of monster inside and the price doesn’t good than your effort. But some cave contains lots of rare ores and good items. If you find any good chest, comment below and help the other people.



If you want to explore this seed, with only outside, I think you need 1 hour to explore it in the creative mode, and if you want to explore all cave and dungeon, you need more time to to that, maybe 5-6 hours. In short, I large seed and you need a lot of time to see all the cool things of this seed, like a lava fall flow down to the water.

Seeds : -1918593966 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5