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Epic Jungle Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE

If you love a game with high level of challenges, you actually fall in love with this seed. Epic Jungle Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE has the capability of spawning you about 100-150 blocks away from a big jungle biome. You will find it interesting to overcome many mountain overhangs and epic cliffs. These obstacles are really difficult to pass through.

Creator: Kosie 24

Steps to find the jungle cliff

After you’ve spawned, turn around and go straight along the river. Then, cross over the spruce forest and you will see a large jungle. Enter the jungle.

You could teleport there instantly by using the following text command: /teleport 434 114 -41

Go straight and it takes you a short time to come here soon.

It is easy to recognize that there are many mountains there. Your responsibility is seeking for the mountains, providing a chance to touch the amazing cliffs and overhangs.

Don’t believe just only in my words. Let’s enjoy the game by yourself. You have a good chance to have the better ideas about this attractive game.

Seed: 1628823125

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